Mastercook Mobile App

Team: Lalitha, Meri, Karen Vardazaryan
My Role: I was in charge on developing and implementing visual design, Wireframes and Flows
Tools/Techniques: Illustrator + Photoshop + Invison
Device: iPhone


It is tough and a bit confusing to decide what to cook and how to cook by seeing ingreidents in the fridge. It takes long time to learn the process for new recipe with those ingredients.

Research and Development

One of the essential conditions for the launch of the hilight quality project is understanding of the sitituation on the target audience. Our team held our own Research and Development and looked at many different recipe apps to gain and understanding of how others had designed the concept of cooking

Color and Typography

Corparate colors are one of the foundations of visual perception of the brand by the consumer. They are used in the creation of illustrations, visual deign media and all the other elements that use color.

Userflow and Wireframes

After completing research and development stage, we began studying and analyzing already implemented design concepts of existing mobile applications. Reviewing the best practices allowed us to design our own interface to achieve maximum level of comfort, clarity and usability for end user.

Design Iterations

We have created several versions of visual design for this app. The first and second iteration gave us the opportunity to make the best composition of color and style.


To bring the user experience closer to the reality we have designed unique icons, which repeat features of recipes of the app.


We looked at many different recipe apps to gain an understanding of how others had designed the concept. Its easy to undestand for the users to find the recipes in less time and in less steps.